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10 Great Ways to Use El Wire

Posted by Elijah on



Ten Great Ways to Use Live Wire:

Not everyone knows about electroluminescent wire but the ones who do know about it know just how awesome it can be. It’s the perfect head turning product; it can be cool, it can be wacky, it can turn pretty lame stuff into something eyepopping. The thing with El Wire is that it is so versatile and can be used in so many ways that we often find ourselves wondering to what to do with it. 

So I’ve put together a list of 10 ways that you can use el wire. These might not be the best ways that you can use the wire but these are sure some fun and attention grabbing ways to use el wire.                                                            

flowers.jpg1.     Since the start of the school year happened just a few weeks ago why not brighten up your girl’s school day with some hot pink wire raging on the back of her knapsack. She’ll be sure to love it, and you’ll be sure to get a hug for it. just introduced a new line of wired up knapsacks for the school year. They look absolutely amazing with the wire deftly woven onto the bag. It comes it three great colors for boys and girls Aqua, Lime and Pink. Check it out now!

2.    One could put up a good argument that Halloween brings out the best of el wire. It’s perfect for so many things on that day, like making an unbelievable costume. What you can make with it is only limited to your imagination. There’s a premade stickman costume available which pretty much guarantees you to be the center of attention at any Halloween event you divine yourself to be. Take a look at this You Tube video of an awesome costume.

3.    How about decking out your haunted mansion with flickering orange electroluminescent wire. Those little trick or treaters won’t know what hit them when they see the flickering outline of a rotting skull with its eyeballs hanging…Hem hem…don’t want to spook them too much, maybe leave on a light bulb or two.

4.    Thinking about the winter holidays already? I’m right there with you. Christmas is not too far off and Live Wire is a great addition to the holiday festivities. Garner some more sparkle from those tinsel decorations. Wrap some el wire around your tree and you’re sure to have a brighter year.

5.    Want more for Christmas? What would you say to having the only wreath on the block that you can see at night? One that would outshine all your neighbors and make your door beautiful with its gorgeous colors. You’ll have angels lining up at your door!

6.    Do you own a storefront? A shop that’s wanting extra notice? Why not make a sign out of el lights. This technology can do things which neon can’t even begin to imagine. The wire with its dexterity and clarity offers a clear advantage on that jungle known as Main Street.

7.    Many people have already done this, and for good reason; it looks great. Try lining your automobile or boat with el Live Wire. I can’t tell you how satisfied you will be with it, it’ll be mad cool.

8.    As the famous adage goes “Safety First”, so of course this suggestion goes at number eight. Though in all seriousness safety is first. El wire is great for pathway lighting, or for egress illumination, or any place that might need some guiding light in case of emergency. There is a product made especially for this use called the Live Wire Track System. It’s a durable and nifty plastic track in which the el wire is placed, and could be mounted on essentially any flat surface. Take a look at it, and hey we could all use some extra security.

9.    Have you ever seen a display which you didn’t look at? Didn’t think so. Use Live wire for edge lighting to add a sleek and eye catching design. The Live Wire Track System mentioned above is a great way to set the edge of any display. Do this and your display will be “il grande”!

10.   Hey! All you dog owners out there! Listen to this! You want the most chic walking paraphernalia that could exist? Attach some El Wire to your pets leash and take your dog for a walk in your neighborhood park. You’ll have all the other dogs barking mad for one of their own, and if your dog was having any social issues, it would be the end of them. He’ll be the coolest dog in town.

 I hope you enjoyed the list, and I hope that you found it useful. If any of you have any suggestions feel free to comment and I’ll be glad to include your fantastic ideas in a future post. 

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