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What is El Wire?

Posted by Elijah on

What is EL Wire?

I remember before I knew anything about EL wire I wondered what the stuff was. Is it some sort of Christmas light? Is it the same as glow sticks? What about neon, how is it different from neon?

The expanded term for the el wire is electroluminescent wire (who doesn’t like 7 syllable words?). Lytec developed el wire in 1998 putting a flexible durable light on the market for the first time. The science inside the wire is an interior flexible copper wire coated in a phosphorescent substance wrapped with two super thin wires. Finally, a two part, clear, waterproof plastic cover entirely envelops it. The last covering is made in multiple colors and diameters giving el wire its spectacular array of diversity. The finished wire can be powered by DC battery power or AC generated power (wall socket). The wire is cool to touch; el wire produces no heat.


El Wire is nothing like Christmas lights, other than the obvious light energy emitted. It gives off a continuous 360-degree glow. It does, however, make for a jolly decoration. There are no thousands of light bulbs to be heady of, only one long strand of beautiful durable light.

Glow sticks are crack and glow lights that last a few short hours, good only for one time use, fun for a single party. El wire can last for years before losing its potency, ready for multiple nights of use.

El wire is extremely flexible, often called the “worlds most flexible light.” It can be bent and molded into an infinite number of shapes and forms; the possibilities are endless in your hands. Neon is stiff and inflexible, no room for change once created. Neon is brighter and probably better for a store sign. However, with el wire your artistic expression is unlimited.