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Do It Yourself EL Wire

Soldering electroluminescent wire is a little challenging and we therefore decided to provide the following step by step walkthrough. Estimated time for a first connection is 20-45 minutes. For those who wish to purchase a ready made unit please visit our Plug N' Play page. A detailed document on soldering el wire is available in the El Wire Technical info page.
Tools Required
Tools needed for soldering el wire are- 1. Scissors 2. Wire-Stripper 3. Welder 4. Solder 5. small piece of 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch Heat shrink tubing (not pictured) 6. Heat Gun 7. End Cap (not pictured) 8. Wire Holder (recommended) These supplies are available from our Accessories section.
Soldering El wire step 1
The first step in preparing your neon wire is to strip off the outer plastic jacket in which the electroluminescent wire is housed. Be careful not to break the two thin wires twirled around the core. We used the 20 gauge hole on the wire-stripper.
Soldering El wire Step 2
After stripping the el wire seperate the two thin wires from the wire core and twist them together.
Soldering el wire step 3
The core of the el wire is coated with electroluminescent materials. Scrape off the coating with a scissor until you see the inner copper core- we used a machine.
Soldering el wire step 4
This picture shows the different wires.
Soldering El Wire Step 5
strip the plasting coating off the inverters lead wire.
Soldering El wire Step 6
Here is What the inverter wire should like like after being stripped.
Soldering el wire Step 7
Strip off the plastic coatings on the red and black wires.
Soldering El wire Step 8
Place neon wire and el wire inverter lead wire on holder. IMPORTANT- slide 1/8 inch shrink tubing onto the el wire and 1/4 inch shrink tubing on the el wire inverter lead wire.
Soldering El wire Step 9
Dab a litlle bit of solder on the neon wire.
Soldering el wire step 10
Dab a little bit of solder on the REDel wire inverter lead wire.
Soldering El wire Step 11
Solder the inverter lead wire and the el wire together.
Soldering El wire Step 12
slide 1/8 inch shrink tubing over connection.
Soldering El Wire Step 13
Picture of covered connection.
Soldering el wire Step 14
Wrap Thin wires around the white inverter lead wire. It is very important to make sure that these wires do not tuch the previous ones.
Soldering El Wire Step 15
picture of thin wires wrapped around the white wire from the inverter.
Soldering El Wire Step 16
Solder the thin wire to the white wire from the el wire inverter.
Soldering el wire step 17
Use your heat shrink gun to shrink the 1/8 inch heat shrink tubing.
Soldering el wire Step 18
Slide 1/4 inch heat shrink tubing on top of the entire connection.
Soldering El Wire Step 19
Use your Heat shrink gun to Heat shrink the 1/4 inch heat shrink tubing.
Soldering El Wire Step  20
The unconnected end of the el wire must be finished through a process called termination. To terminate the end of the el wire 1-strip off the end of the wire 2-cut off the thin wires surrounding the core 3- place an end cap on the end 4- Use your heat gun to heat shrink the end cap.
Soldering El WIre Step 21
Attach the unit to the appropraite power source and turn on. The el wire should glow.