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What Is EL Wire?

Live Wire, the worlds most flexible light, is a totally revolutionary breakthrough in the world of electroluminescent lighting. A high-tech invention, Live Wire sets the imagination in motion, releasing the unlimited potential of the world most versatile illuminator. It takes the two dimensional world of Electroluminescent panels, together with the fragile and limiting light bulb, and adds a twist- literally. By adding an exciting third dimension, light can now go places it has never gone before. Live Wire is flexible, cool to the touch, and very versatile, making it the worlds most unique light. With an exciting selection of ten brilliant colors, and four different diameters, Live Wire stands out in any nighttime situation (for more info on diameters please check our LiveWire- By the Foot page). Unlike fiber optics, Live Wire itself is the source of the light, resulting in a light output that is consistent along the entire length of the wire.

Live Wire is made by coating a thin copper wire with microscopic layers of electroluminescent semiconductors. The wire is then surrounded by two thin wires, which when charged with electricity, excite the phosphors and bring the Live Wire to life. Live Wire is durable, non-toxic, and water resistant, making it ideal for most situations. As one of the most cost effective lighting products in the world, Live Wire costs up to 500 times less to operate than rope lighting, neon, or fiber optics. With an electrical draw of less than 0.1 mAmps per foot, you can power 1,000 feet of Live Wire with the electricity that is consumed by one light bulb!

Live Wire can be taken anywhere powered by batteries, or installed into a permanent display with a connection to a wall outlet for longer uses. Live Wire can be custom made to the length that you specify, making any project or application easier. The lifetime of the Live Wire is long, ranging from several hours to 25,000 hours depending on the brightness. Its longevity, combined with its durability, make Live Wire easy to use over and over again. Try some Live Wire and you will discover why Live Wire is the light of the future.

All Green wire is Lime Green